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2020 Korean Class Story Contest

애틀랜타 한국교육원
2020-10-22 21:11

   Korean Education Center  opens up 2020 Korean Class Story Contest


◦ Those who have taken a Korean Language course operated by Korean Education Center in Atlanta for one semester or more

 2.Application Process

◦ (Date) 2020.10.22.(Thu) ~2020.11.19(Thu)

◦ (Submission) email to ( with followed attachments

- Application Form

- Video file with YouTub link

- Privacy Policy & Utilization of Award-winning works policy agreement

※Submit it as in file format ( Applicant full name_ file name)

(i.e. Gildong Hong_My Korean language class experience)

◦(Duration) Edit within 2~3 minutes

- Upload the video to YouTube and share the link to , the subtitles can be used Korean, English or both

3.Entry Theme

◦①나의 한국어반 수업 이야기(My Korean Language Class Experiences), ②한국어를 공부하는 이유(The Reasons I study Korean), ③한국어 학습 경험담(Story of Korean Learning Experience) 등

4.Additional Notes for all applicants

◦ Up to 2 video can be listed per person or group

- The copyright (i.e author’s moral and property rights) of all submitted works shall be owned by the applicant. However, all the right(i.e, copyright, right to reproducer, right of public performance, public transmission right, right of exhibition, right distribution, and adaptation right) of all awarded entry shall be transferred to the Korean Education Center in Atlanta, and awardee are to be compensated for transferring the property right by receiving the prize.

◦ Entry will not be returned and the award –winning work can be used by Korean Education Center for the public interest and promotion purpose.

5.Judge Criteria and Award Ceremony

◦ (Selection Committee) experts in related fields

◦ (Judging Criteria) Adherence to the theme, quality of the contents, creativity, impression and usage for promotion. ect

◦ (Award) certificate and award with gift card

1st Place (1), 2nd Place(2), 3rd Place (3), Honorable mention (2)


Submission Deadline : November 19th (Thu)

◦ Screening and Evaluation : November 23rd~ 26th(Mon)

◦ Selection Announcement : November, 2020

※ The Prize Winners are to be announced on the Korean Education Center Homage( as well as individually notified in November.

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