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The 23rd TaLK Program Invitation(2019 Fall session)

애틀랜타 한국교육원
2019-04-25 19:53

The 23rd TaLK Program Invitation

The TaLK (Teach and Learn in Korea) program invites undergraduate and graduate students to "Teach English on

Korean Government Scholarship". The program is sponsored by the Ministry of Education in Korea.

The participants will teach English in after-school classes of Korean elementary schools in rural areas.

1. Eligibility

Applicants must
a. Be a citizen of a country where the national language is English.
(i.e. Australia, Canada, New Zealand, U.K., U.S.A., Ireland and South Africa)
* Overseas Koreans with permanent residency in the above countries are also eligible.
Korean Nationals with temporary residency (with the intention of obtaining permanent residency who have lived in one of the above countries for at least 8 years and who have completed primary and secondary education in the country are also eligible.
*Additional required documents for above: official transcript from middle and high school

  1. Have completed two or more years of education at an accredited university, or graduated from an accredited college in the countries aforementioned.
    * Overseas/Ethnic Koreans who are in their 1st and 2nd year of college/university are eligible also.

  2. University graduates and graduate school students are eligible also.
    - Be mentally and physically capable of performing the specified responsibilities and duties.
    - Have the ability and willingness to adapt to Korean lifestyle and culture.
    - Be able to communicate in English fluently with clear and distinct pronunciation.

  3. Benefits: Entrance allowances (1,300,000 KRW, one time), Monthly stipend (1,500,000 KRW per month), settlement allowances (300,000 KRW, one time), housing, medical insurance, vacation leave, sponsored cultural trips, etc.

  4. Contract Term: 6 months / 1 year (average 15 class hours per week) – Term begins from Aug. 2019

  5. Application Deadline:June 14, 2019 **Applicants who submit application and required documents early may have higher chance of acceptance. If there is a sufficient number of applicants, the application process may close even before the deadline.**

  6. Application Procedures
    (1) On-line Application
    - Go to the TaLK website ( and click the “Apply Now” menu.
    - Submit the following documents on-line through the Talk website.
    ①Application A② Application B (Personal Medical Assessment & Personal Essay)③ A photo    (2) Interview & Submission of Required Documents      - An interview is scheduled by phone or skype   - Submit all the required documents (original copies unless it states it accepts the copy)

             ※ Refer to the TaLK website ( for detailed information on how to prepare the required documents.
7. Application Office: Korean Education Center in Atlanta
3505 Koger Blve,STE174 Duluth GA 30096
Tel: 770-686-3949, // Email:


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