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About KEC

Support for overseas Koreans
  • Sponsors Korean Saturday schools and three regional committees,-Funding for Korean school management includingdistribution of textbooks, training,teachers, and events,
  • Supports Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK),
  • Advertises various training programs
  • which entail visits to Korea and recommending candidates,
  • Attends/Assists educational events sponsored by immigrant groups
to learn Korean
  • Implements Korean classes at American schools,
  • Provides Korean classes for younger generations and those not of Korean heritage
Teaching Aid for Students in Korea
  • Advertises
    TaLK (Teach and Learn in Korea) scholarship program to recruit candidates,who will provide English education for rural elementary schools in Korea,
  • Promotes EPIK (English Program in Korea) for cross-cultural experience
    and English education,
  • Supports conferences between Korea and US for academic information exchange
of Study Programs in Korea
  • Evaluates and recommends recipients for Korean Honor Scholarship,
  • Evaluates and recommends recipients for government sponsorship of
    degree programs,
  • Recommends Korean students in overseas for study abroad programs in
  • Recommends winter school session to Korean students abroad,
  • Recommends homeland study program to Korean Youth/College students abroad
  • Invites International students to Korea
  • Distributes and collects educational/promotional resources
  • Provides academic advising